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Rocking Platform Mixer

Low-cost general purpose  rocking mixer
Long-life brushless AC motor
Variable speed between 5 and 50 RPM
Super-quiet operation
350mm square platformThe ERPM4 is a basic bench top rocking platform that is suitable for a wide range of mixing applications. The solid state speed control has a speed range of 5–50 RPM and is controlled from a single analogue control mounted on the front of the mixer.
Slow acceleration is incorporated in the drive system to reduce the risk of spillage. When required the ERPM4 can run for extended periods unattended.
A Nitrile mat is supplied fitted to the platform and is sufficient for holding containers at low speeds. For higher speeds optional racks are available.
The RR5 Universal rack pictured above has adjustable horizontal rubber covered bars that can be positioned to hold a variety of different sizes and types of containers, including test tube racks, trays, flasks etc.
Stainless steel Tulip clips are also available dedicated to conical flasks from 50ml to 2 litre.
Variable speed allowing simple adjustment between gentle and aggressive agitation for tasks including blot washing, gel staining/destaining and hybridisation applications.
Power requirements 240 VAC/100 watts
Capacity 350 x 350mm platform maximum capacity 5kg's
Mixer control Solid state analogue
Motor Brushless ac
Speed range 5-50 rpm

Tilt angle

7º to 15º ( factory preset at 10º )

Overall dimensions W370 x D370 x H200 mm
Weight 10.1kg
Also Known As
See-Saw Rocker, See-Saw Mixer, Wave Motion Mixer, Rocking Shaker, Analogue Shaker, Laboratory Shaker