Stirrer Magnetic Large MS10

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General purpose laboratory stirrer
Suitable for flasks <10 litres
Variable speed control
Low-voltage DC motor

MS10 is suitable. For large Volume stirring up to  10 Litre high t best results the correct size stirring bar and flat base containers should be used. Both models have an analogue speed control and can stir a range of liquids with varying viscosities. Circular Nitrile rubber mats are supplied with each model.

Applications include dissolving solids in liquids, stirring of volatile solutions, as well as other general Microbiology and Biochemistry applications that require light agitation or vigorous churning.
Motor DC 12 VOLT
Speed range 300 to 1900 rpm
Stirring capacity Up to 10litres
Overall dimensions W300 X D350 X H90 mm
Weight 4.5 KG