GF Series Pan Balance

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  • Description

The A&D GF precision range of top pan balances featuring optimum weighing and settling time. The GF precision balances features a standard RS232 data output, external calibration and multiple weighing units. A percentage & counting mode is also available. Trade Approved by NMI Australia.


  • New patented weighing mechanism Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)
  • Trade Approved by NMI Australia
  • Five years warranty
  • Ultra Fast response speed – typically just one second
  • Standard RS232C serial data interface
  • Rugged aluminium alloy enclosure
  • 14 weighing units plus counting, percentage and user programmable
  • Wide range of capacities and resolutions
  • Built in under hook capability
  • Counting has A.C.A.I. feature for optimum results
  • Overload protected to take hard use
  • Last digit blanking via keypad if desired
  • GLP data output format to suit quality systems
  • Sealed keypad gives IP-54 protection level
  • Built in animal weighing software
  • Breeze break is standard with the GF-300
  • Supplied with free Windows Communication Tools (WinCT) software.

5 Year Warranty


Model Capacity Resolution
GF-300 310g 0.001g
GF-400 410g 0.001g
GF-1200 1210g 0.01g
GF-3000 3100g 0.01g
GF-4000 4100g 0.01g
GF-6000 6100g 0.1g
GF6100 6100g 0.01g


Part Number Description
OP-04 Comparator Output with Buzzer/RS232 & Current Loop
OP-06 Analog/Current Loop OUtput
OP-10 Glass Breeze Break (200g to 600g)
OP-11 Glass Breeze Break (2000g to 8000g)
OP-12 Animal Weighing Pan
OP-13 Density Determination
GFX Plastic cover (200/300/400/600g models)
GFX Plastic cover (1200 to 8000g models)