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Thermoregulator TH8000

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The TH8000 Thermoregulator is designed to provide accurate temperature control of water within a tank or reservoir, and operate continuously for long periods of time. This regulator is fitted with a large capacity pump for efficient stirring within the waterbath, and can be used to pump externally. Safety features include a float switch that will remove heating if the water level falls too low, plus an over temperature alarm. The alarm will sound if the water temperature exceeds the set point and heating will stop.

Power requirements 240vac/1020 watts (optional 2020watts)  
Control type Custom digital microprocessor  
Control range 7°C to 100°C. (cooling required below ambient)  
Control stability ±0.05ºC  
Heat up time 7°C to 100°C (stabilised) in 45 minutes (insulated tank with 8 litres of water at room temperature of 17°C)  
Pump capacity 10.5 litres/min. at zero head  
Safety features Low level cut out, over temperature audible and visible alarm indication  
Minimum tank depth 180mm  
Overall dimensions H300 x D190 x W125  
Weight 3.4 kg