boiling flask

Flasks Boiling

Custom Glass Blowing ?

We Can Offer Flasks from 50 - 5000 ml

with a Range of Joints  Sizes: Single Neck or Multi

Flask Round Bottom

With Standard Ground Joint Compatible With Quickfit Glassware 

Flask Round With Flat Bottom

With Flat Bottom Free Standing With Ground Joint Compatible With  Quick Fit Glassware

Flask Three Neck

Multi Jointed Round Bottom Boiling Flask Supplied with Angle or Parallel

Flask Two Neck

Boiling Flask Round Bottom Supplied With Two Ground Joints Compatible With Quick Fit

Flask Kjeldahl

Long Neck Flask With Pear Shaped Bottom Interchangeable Ground Joint Compatible With Quick Fit

Flask Pear Shaped

Two Neck Flask for Micro Distillation Available in Two Types 50ml & 100mL.

Flask Conical

Conical Flask  With Ground Joint Compatible Quick Fit  

Kipps Measure / Tilt

Heating Mantle Electric

For distillation, digestion, evaporation extraction and boiling process
Electronic temperature regulation Outer frame made of furnace-painted steel and isolated Heating elements made of chromium-nickel Connection light device and on/off lampIncluded clamp for supporting rods Max temperature 370ÂșC Max Capacities from 250-1000mL, power 100W