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Bunsen Burners & Stands

Gas Burners

For use with Natural (NAT) Liquified Pertroleum Gas (LPG) and coal (COAL) gases with stove enamelled die cast bases, colour coded for the different gases. Can be supplied with either 9.5mm. Gas inlet tube, 1/8" or 1/4" thread connection (or other if requested) or with stopcock. 

Standard Bunsen Burner LQ1220

11mm. OD. 135mm high, with rotatable air regulator and gas inlet tube. 

Bunsen Burner 18 mm LQ1230

18 mm.OD, 135mm High, With flame retention collar, air


Meker Burner LQ1268

a 30 mm. dia. drilled flame retention head, for stable temperature, air regulator and stopcock 170 mm high.

Tripod Round Top


Wire Gauze