syringe filters

Syringe Filtration (HPLC)

All Syringe Filters are of Superior Design offering excellent flow rate from 1-100 volume with the lowest hold-up & lowest Zero UV EXTRACTABLE.

 Bulk Buying and Standing Order Pricing 

Syringe Filter: Teflon 30mm: .45um

Solvent filtration:

Syringe Filter: Teflon 25 mm: .45 um

Solvent filtration :

Syringe Filter: Nylon 13 mm: .45um

Solvent/Aqueous  Filtration:

Syringe Filter: Nylon 13mm .45um

Solvent & Aqueous filtration:

Syringe Filter: Nylon 25 mm 0.45um

Solvent & Aqueous Filtration:

Syringe Filter: Nylon 30mm 0.45um

Solvent & Aqueous Filtration:

Syringe Filter: Pes 25 mm 45 um Cat. No SFP25450

Aqueous & Solvent filtration :

Syringe Filter: Pes 13mm 045um Cat. No SFP134510

Solvent & Aqueous  filtration :

Syringe Filter: PVDF 25mm 45um Cat. No. SFPV25450

Aqueous Solvent  filtration:

Syringe Filter: Nylon 13mm .45um Cat. No SFNV13

Aqueous & Solvent  Filtration: