vials 2ml screwcap

2mL Vials-Septa-caps

●2mL 12×32mm.
●40% larger opening than standard narrow opening vials.
●Unique thread design for consistently secure seal(8-425,9-425).
●Precision-formed neck for improved auto-sampler handling.
●Rigorous quality assurance for dimensional consistency from lot to lot.
●Uniformly flat bottom ensures compatibility with inserts.
●Optional ceramic write-on spot with fill marks.
●Select from several compatible micro-volume inserts

Cat No.
V0101100 Vial,2ml,Φ12×32mm,Clear(9-425)Screw 100/pk
V0102100 Vial,2ml,Φ12×32mm,Clear(9-425)Screw,with write-on spot 100/pk
V0103100 Vial,2ml,Φ12×32mm,Amber(9-425)Screw 100/pk
V0104100 Vial,2ml,Φ12×32mm,Amber(9-425)Screw,with write-on spot 100/pk
V0111100 Caps,Blue,For 9-425 Screw Vials 100/pk
V0121100 Septa,Red PTFE/White Silicone,9mm,for-425 Caps 100/pk
V0114100 Caps,Blue,For 9-425 Screw Vials with 9mm Septa 100/pk
2ml 12×32mm 8-425 Screw Vials,Caps and Septa
Cat No.
V0201100 Vial,2ml,Φ12×32mm,Clear(8-425)Screw 100/pk
V0202100 Vial,2ml,Φ12×32mm,Clear(8-425)Screw,with write-on spot 100/pk
V0203100 Vial,2ml,Φ12×32mm,Amber(8-425)Screw 100/pk
V0204100 Vial,2ml,Φ12×32mm,Amber(8-425)Screw,with write-on spot 100/pk
V0211100 Caps,Blue,For 8-425 Screw Vials 100/pk
V0221100 Septa,Red PTFE/White Silicone,8mm,for-425 Caps 100/pk
V0214100 Caps,Blue,For 8-425 Screw Vials with 9mm Septa 100/pk

2 ml Vial-Screw Cap-Septa

With 40% larger opening than standard narrow opening Screw Cap vials. Unique thread design for consistently secure seal(8-425,9-425).Precision-formed neck for improved auto-sampler handling