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BottleTop Dispenser


Simple design  with variety of useful features make Our Bottle
  • Top Dispensers an obvious choice for all dispensing needs.
  • High precision and accuracy is ensured through careful selection of component raw material and several stages of strict quality checks during manufacturing process.
  • Easy to use simple construction and smooth, effortless plunger
  • Both Economy and Research models have Four / Five adjustable volume sizes :
    1. 0.5 - 5.0 ml
    2. 1.0 - 10 ml
    3. 5 - 25.0 ml
    4. 5.0 - 50.0 ml
  • Piston : Specially designed PTFE Piston with Silicone O-ring ensures wiper-like smooth, effortless piston movement and high accuracy.
  • Each instrument comes with five adaptors to fit in most common of the laboratory reagent bottles.
  • Standard threads : 30mm
  • Adaptors : 28mm, 32mm, 36mm, 40mm and 45mm
  • Nozzle cap prevents any unwanted drop on the work space.
  • Valve Manifold : Specially designed, springless, single piece PTFE valve manifold in the Research Model ensures excellent chemical compatibility, leak proof valve functioning and excellent reproducibility.
  • Instrument is fully autoclavable at 121 C , 15psi. No Need for dis-assembling the instrument for autoclaving.
  • Screw type volume adjustment knob with large pointer ensures precise, easy and quick volume adjustment.
  • Calibration : Specially designed universal calibration tool is provided for convenient and quick In-lab user re-calibration.
  • This is in compliance with GLO/ISO Standards

Bottle Top Dispenser

Number Description                                    Ml                     
550.001.305      Bottle Top Dispenser Labco          0.5–5  
550.001.310      Bottle Top Dispenser Labco          1-10  
550.001.325      Bottle Top Dispenser Labco          2.5-25
550.001.350      Bottle Top Dispenser Labco          5-50  
550.001.100      Bottle Top Dispenser Labco          10–100