SEM Furnaces Muffle

Muffle Furnaces are available in three sizes, 3.5 litre, 6.6 litre & 15 litre. All sizes can be supplied with either sliding or cantilever type door. The quick action sliding door can be held in any position and is ideal for ashing or similar operations. A cantilever door has an outward and upward swing with a counter-balanced handle on the right hand side (left hand side optional).

The furnaces are strongly constructed of zinc coated steel powder coated Wedgewood blue with Hi Temp black front face and door. The muffle is strongly supported by a refractory mould at the front and insulating bricks at the back. It is insulated with top grade ceramic fibre blanket or non-hazardous substitutes on request. The steel cover around the muffle is surrounded by an air cavity and by gravity convection draws heat away from the bottom and out through the top reducing the wall temperature of the outer body. An air gap at the front and louvres on back panel allow adequate air flow to ensure a cool instrument panel. All cantilever door furnaces are fitted with a door switch for safety. Kanthal A1 Element is controlled by a microprocessor based PID Controller complete with Auto Tune function and sensor compensation for accurate temperature control. An overtemp cutout is also provided as a standard feature.

- 7 Day or 24 Hour Timer
- Programmable Controller (up to 81 steps)
- Ramp Function
- Monitory Overheat Cutout (separate Controller + Thermo Couple)


100 Series 150 Series 200 Series
Power Ratings 2400 W 3600 W 4800 W
Catalogue No. 102C (Cantilever Door) 152C (Cantilever Door) 202C (Cantilever Door)
102C (Sliding Door) 152S (Sliding Door) 202S (Sliding Door)
Dimensions (mm)

External 456Dx468Wx560H
Internal 250Dx160Wx90H

External 500Dx470Wx610H
Internal 290Dx170Wx135H

External 608Dx546Wx630H
Internal 435Dx230Wx150H
Weight (kg) 50 56 70
Capacity (litres) 3.5 6.6 15

* Volatile Mallter Furnaces and Coal Testing Furnaces made to A.S. 1038.4 Specifications.